Current projects

Simply Complicated by Thomas Bernhard. Theatre production for Irondale Ensemble Project, New York City. Premiere 2021.

Music Theatre
To celebrate one's own inner contradictions and inconsistencies
A music theatre/video installation project built on the composition Kurze Schatten II for solo guitar by Brian Ferneyhough. Premiere 2020.

Theatre-Music Theatre
Jag tänker våldsamt/I Think Fiercly by Alice Notley. A music theatre performance produced by RADIOTEATERN, premier 14 November 2020. RADIOTEATERN is a new digital plattform for contemporary Radio Theatre, Hörspiele and Sound Art.

Red Doc
A staged audio performance of the book Red Doc, by Canadian writer Anne Carson.
Preliminary premiere 2021.

Istanbul International Theatre Festival
The Actor as Creator
An investigative workshop that explores and problematizes the theater actor as a subjective and creative force. November 17-19, 2017.

Critical Writing
Composition Extended
An investigation of the impact of western philosophy on theatrical dramaturgy and theatrical composition. 2019.

Artistic Research
Composition and Ethics: Investigating the ethical impact of theatrical composition
An artistic research project creatively processing the relationship between theatrical composition and ethics.
Ongoing - 2021.